Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Sale

I ordered a breitling navitimer replica sale from your store a few weeks ago on the 14th, and it never arrived. I am wondering if you can explain this. I have my order number and information which I can send to you if necessary. Would the watch have been sent us postal or fedex, UPS, ext.? I have not been home for the last week so if it needed to be signed for I wasn't around. Please get back to my as soon as possible. Greatest in quality of replica breitling navitimer watches. Can you please explain why my credit car was charged when the item I ordered was out of stock and why I was never notified. Is this not illegal! I have never heard of doing business this way. The watch was ordered twenty two days ago and my card was immediately charged on the same day. So why am I just now being notified that it is out of stock. I am reluctant to choose another watch from a company who does business in such a manner. But after the trouble I have experienced ordering through your company. I am no longer interested in ordering any other replica breitling navitimer sale. If you cannot ship me the watch I originally ordered please refund my money immediately.

In reference to your previous email, I think it would be best if you do send me the bracelet for the breitling navitimer replica watches, you suggested that I pay for all postage. I have a suggestion previously when I bought the watch I was charged extra by the credit card company and as a gesture of good will you said if I buy any other item you will give me discount. I wanted to buy another similar women's watch for my wife, so when you dispatch the watch can you please post the bracelet also together? If this is acceptable please let me know how I can place the order and get my discount and make payment.