Why TMT Bars Are Better Than Traditional Bars (HYSD)

When it comes to construction, it is very important to choose the right one. Construction becomes stronger and longevity depends on choosing the right type of building materials.

A few notable points before you take your decision for choosing the Steel bar.


Thermo Mechanically Treated Bar
It is hard in outer-base and it is softer in core.
Highly weldable and corrosion resistant
It manufactures with hot rolled steel wires, which passes through water.
Highly Ductile
Ideal for all kind of Construction and Structures

Traditional Bar (HYSD)

High Yielding Strength Deformed bars
These bars have more yield strength
HYSD bars are not weldable as TMT bars and also non-comparative in terms of Corrosion résistance
The HYSD bars manufacturing process involves are both Hot and Cold.
Less Ductility
HYSD is also used for all kind of construction and structures but it is less recommended because of the less flexibility

So, what do we understand by HYSD

HYSD = Torsed/twisted steel (TOR Steel Bars)

HYSD = Cold Twisted Deformed Steel Bars (CTD Steel Bars)

HYSD = High Yield Strength Deformed Bars (Of course!)


TMT bars are manufactured by the quenching and tempering process which becomes the perfect for any construction because the outer surface becomes cool faster than the inner core. For this process, it becomes perfectly ductile. This technique is called Thermo Mechanical Treatment for which it becomes strong and flexible.

Advantages of TMT Bar

Earthquake proof

It provides the perfect combination of Strength & Flexibility that increases the longevity of the structure. It protects structures from an Earthquake.

Ease during the Process

It reduces construction and fabrication time because of its better Ductility and Bendability. Pre knit netting helps to eliminate the manual binding time.

Fire Resistant

It comes with high thermal stability unlike HYSD. It highly fire-resistant and protects buildings from fire.

Corrosion Resistant

Its manufacturing process makes the bar anti-corrosive. Water Treatment during its formation prevents it from coarse carbides generation unlike HYSD bars.


TMT Rebars are highly recommended to use for weld joints without any strength reduction due to having less carbon in it.

Rib Strength

External rib across the entire length gives superior bonding strength during RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete).


Superior Tensile Strength and elongation cause great saving which helps to reduce transport cost. It also saves 17% to 20% over normal bars.

TMT bars are always recommended and considered to be of all construction and while you are making your dream home as well. It is the backbone of all prestigious and valuable construction.